Publications and Research

Benefits of Parks and Protected Areas

We derive a whole suite of environmental, social and commercial benefits from our parks. It is possible to measure many of these benefits and the Canadian Parks Council’s research is helping to ensure that all the benefits of establishing and maintaining parks are taken into account when decisions are being made.

Economic Impact of Canada’s National Provincial and Territorial Parks

Take a hike in a park, and I'll tell you how much it's worth! (pdf)

Benefits Framework (pdf)

Benefits of Parks and Protected Areas (pdf)

Conservation of Ecological Areas: The Economic Bottom Line (pdf)

The Economic Benefits of Protected Areas: A Guide for Estimating Personal Benefits (pdf)

Carbon Sequestration in Protected Areas of Canada: An Economic Valuation (pdf)

A Benefit Cost Framework for Optimal Ecosystem Preservation (pdf)

Valuing the Quality of Freshwater Salmon Habitat: A Pilot Project (pdf)